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The Pug Rescue Network is an organization dedicated to the rescue and care of pugs in need of permanent, loving homes. We are staffed entirely by volunteers who give their time  and  effort to providing a better life for pugs who need our help. 

If you would like to share in this effort, please fill out this form and turn it in. We will contact you shortly regarding the activities in which you have expressed an interest.

Please fill out any areas of volunteer work that you think you would be interested in.

Fundraising Events

This job presents an opportunity for volunteers (s) to help PRN carry out our mission by obtaining the necessary funding. We hold many fundraisers during the year and volunteers are needed to work these events. This would require you to travel to the location where the event is being held, work the hours you have signed up for, and help with setting up and clean up afterwards. This also requires direct interaction with the public and the ability to promote our rescue group.  Without fundraisers we would not be able to rescue pugs. Events include Meet & Greets, Community Events, merchandise sales and picnics.

Social Media

Help promote the rescue and our events using social media


Home Checks

This job involves setting up visits and visiting the homes of applicants in your area that are going through the application review & interview process. You would call the applicant, go to their home and using a set of guidelines provided by PRN, ask a few basic (& scripted) questions about the applicant & other pets, compare the actual home environment against the application, and use your judgement to determine whether a pug should be placed in the home.

This is a very time sensitive job as we have so many pugs waiting to come in & homes looking to adopt. We need people who can complete the visits & fill out a brief form for each visit within 1-5 days of receiving the request. The volume varies depending on how many applications we have in your area.


Adoption Follow up Calls

This job involves calling adoptive homes asking a few basic (& scripted) questions about the pug and how they are doing in their new home. This is a very time sensitive job as we would like to catch any potential problems before they start. We need people who can complete the calls & fill out a brief form for each call within 2 days of receiving the adoptive families information. 


Fostering (Please fill out foster home application)

Although fostering takes a great deal of time and commitment, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You are temporarily providing a needy Pug with a loving home environment and helping that Pug become more suitable for adoption into a responsible, lifelong home.  Are you ready to give fostering a try? If you are, then please fill out a foster home application today and submit to us.


Please Mail Form to:

PUG RESCUE NETWORK VOLUNTEERS   P.O. Box 51455, Livonia, MI 48151

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PO Box 51455 Livonia MI, 48151

Email: pugrescuenetwork@gmail.com

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