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Does either job require frequent out of town travel?

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Does either job require frequent out of town travel?

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Please list ALL pets you have owned / raised in the past five(5) years with outcome. (ie. death, give away etc.

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Vet Information
Please provide your current Veterinarians information.  If you do not have a Veterinarian, please provide the contact information of the Veterinarian you are planning to use:


If you have any comments that would assist us in evaluating this application,  please feel free to send an additional page.
By completing and submitting this application:

1. I understand that this application is only an interviewing tool, and my submission of this application

in no way guarantees the placement or availability of a Pug to my family.

2. I understand that applications will not be returned.

3. I understand that applications with unanswered questions will not be processed.    

4. I understand that if PRN does not receive vet records the application will not be processed.   

5. I understand that if I / we are approved to adopt a Pug I / we are required to drive to Michigan (Detroit area) to have a pre-adoption meeting.  At this time I / we may or may not be able to adopt the Pug I / we are meeting.

6. I understand that the application review process takes up to 5-6 weeks to review because PRN is run by all volunteers.


NOTE:  Though you may think our adoption procedures are a bit stringent, please remember that many of are Pugs have already been separated from a home, and not always a loving one.  Some have been through the frightening experience of being in a shelter. We try very hard to make the adoptions successful, and make the best possible decisions for the Pugs. Our adoption process helps to assure us that you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of adopting a Pug into your family. Our top priority is the right Pug into the right home. Adoptions are not completed unless everyone is happy- you, the Pug Rescue Network members involved, and the Pug.

Please mail completed applications with the $10.00 non-refundable application processing fee to the address listed below.  A final decision with regards to your eligibility to adopt one of our Pugs will be made once your veterinarian records are received and a home visit has been completed.

I have answered all questions and have included a copy of up to two (2) years of current and past vet records.  I understand that my application will be reviewed by the PRN Adoption Committee and will be notified in writing of any questions, concerns, and/or their decision to approve or deny my application. I understand that if my application is approved and a Pug matching the criteria I provided is available in the rescue network, I will be contacted for a Home Visit and Inspection.  After a successful Home Visit and Inspection is performed, I will be scheduled for an adoption.

I understand there is a $20 fee for checks returned unpaid. Further, I also understand and authorize an inspection of my home by an authorized Pug Rescue Network representative for the purpose of evaluating this application. All information I have provided on this application is true to the best of my knowledge.

Non Refundable Application Fee:  $10.00

Thanks for submitting!

Before submission use the application checklist to ensure all application requirements are met. Include your completed application, two (2) years of veterinarian records and the application fee for all submissions. Thank you for choosing The Pug Rescue Network!