Application Check List

What You Need To Do Before Sending Us Your Application:

  • The Adoption Application is filled out completely

  • Obtain up to two years of veterinarian records for your current and past pets. (if applicable)

  • NOTE: Two years of records are needed if you have pets now or have had pets in the past two years.

  • Talk to your planned or current vet about your decision to adopt a rescued Pug from the Pug Rescue Network


When Sending Us Your Forms:

  • Include the completed Adoption Application with Vet Records.

  • Vet Records.  Your vet may either send them to us directly or you can include them with your application.  We suggest including them for faster processing.

  • Non-Refundable Application fee of $10.00 payable in US Funds to the Pug Rescue Network

Please mail completed forms to: 



P.O. BOX 51455


Note: If the application fee is not included, your adoption application will NOT be processed! If we don't receive your vet records, your application will NOT be processed!