Want to adopt?

Why should I adopt a pug from a rescue?


By adopting from Pug Rescue Network, you are helping save the life of a pug in need.  Pugs purchased from a pet store, puppy mill, or backyard breeders perpetuates the puppies-for-profit industry.


Rescue organizations are not against all breeding.  There are quality conscientious breeders who understand the need to continue the breed without contributing to pugs in shelters and pugs with health issues.

All dogs receive the following care prior to adoption:

  • Comprehensive examination by a licensed veterinarian

  • Vaccinations (Rabies and DHPP)

  • Fecal Test

  • Spay or neuter - unless there is a significant health risk for the pug.

  • Heartworm test and treatment if necessary

  • Treatment of any illness or medical problems


Before you begin : Research and Application

Adopting a pug is not a decision one should rush into.  You are considering a commitment that could last as long as fifteen years or more.  Your pug will become a member of your family and an important part of your life.  No breed is right for everyone. Learn as much as you can about the pug breed characteristics will be a good match for your personality and lifestyle and also read about rescue dogs.


We as each person interested in adopting a pug to begin by completing an adoption application.  The application asks a lot of questions to help us ensure a good match.  You must answer all questions, use as much detail as you like.  Each application must include the $10 processing fee and two years of vet records for pets in your household.


Though you may think our adoption procedures are a bit stringent, please remember that many of these pugs have already been through the frightening experience of being in a shelter, or worse a commercial breeding facility.  We try very hard to make the adoption successful, and make the best possible decision for the pugs.  Our adoption process helps to assure us that you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of adopting a rescue pug into your family.  Our top priority is the right pug into the right home.

Step 1 : Application Review

Once you have sent in your application it will be reviewed by our Adoption Coordinator.  Our Adoption Coordinator will contact you by phone or email with any additional questions.  Making sure your application is complete will help speed up this process.  Is it at this time we will discuss with you our available pugs to determine which of our available pugs will be a good match for your family.  


Please note that we do not operate on a first-come first-served basis. Our pugs are placed into the most suitable home according to their temperament and needs.  If there are no available pugs when your application is received you will still go through the approval process and home visit and be ready when the perfect pug for you comes into rescue.

Step 2 : Home Visit and Meeting

A home visit will be scheduled.  This home visit provides us an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know more about us. We may bring the pug with us to meet your family and other pets.  You can meet our available pugs at our events or we can arrange a meeting at a local pet store.  If you live out of Michigan we will ask another rescue to do your home visit and you will need to travel to Michigan to complete the adoption process.


We have the right to decline your application process if we feel that your home would not be the best suited for the pug you are meeting

Step 3 : Adoption Day

Please be prepared to bring your new pug home.  Having supplies already purchased helps make this transition easier.  You should have a leash, harness, crate, dog bowls, food and treats.  


At this time you will be signing the adoption agreement and paying the adoption fee.  Adoption fees range from $75-$400 based on age.  These adoption fees help defray the cost of vet bills and usually cover only a small portion of these bills.  Most dogs that come into rescue need to be brought up-to-date on vaccination, spayed or neuter, teeth cleaned and other medical issues.  


Now you and your pug can begin your life together!  You will receive a follow up call to see how everyone is getting along.  You should feel free to contact us at any time with questions.  We hope to see you and your pug at our events.

Adopt a pug Online Application


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Email vet records: pugrescuenetwork@gmail.com