Featured Listing Feed http://pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/index.php?action=rss_featured_listings Hazel http://pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/listing/hazel.html MTQtMjAxNC0wMS0wOSAxODowNjozNA== Thu, 09 Jan 2014 18:06:34 -0500 Could you hurt me? Why? I will love you unconditionally. Pug Rescue Network would like to welcome PRN#321 "Hazel". Hello. My name is Hazel and I am a 3 year old beautiful, little girl. I was turned over to the Pug Rescue Network because I was being physically and mentally abused to the point where my home was to DANEROUS for me. My abuse was reported to the police by an angel and the police helped me get out of this bad situation. My cruelty case is currently being investigated by the police, but in the mean time, I am in safe hands here at the Pug Rescue Network. On Saturday June 1st, 2013, volunteers from the Pug Rescue Network, with help from great veterinarians fixed my broken leg. I received 11 screws and One 8 whole plate in my leg to put it back together. Yes, my left leg was broken from someone KICKING me. I also only have one eye. My left eye was lost to what the veterinarians believe was neglect. I have had a rough life to start out with, but I know things are only going to get better. When I first met a volunteer from the Pug Rescue Network, I was in so much pain. But, I came out of my crate wagging my tail and hoping for the best. I looked up at him and I saw the tears in his eyes,I knew he would take care of me and help me get better. Update 6/19/13 --- Now I am on the road to recovery - one step at a time. I am really happy to live with my foster mom, dad, brother and sister (they are pugs too!) They all just show me love. I really like cuddling with my foster brother and sister on their big, fluffy bed. I even get to stay in my foster brother and sister’s room. They have their own room! How great is that! And the toys and elk antlers to chew on… Oh boy!! I just have to learn to be a little more quite in the morning when I get up earlier then everyone else. I have to learn to wait until everyone gets up to eat. I’m getting’ there, though. Oh, and my foster dad really thinks I should have a new bed to sleep on. When I heal up, he said he would take me to the store so I can pick it out. I have finally been able to get my vaccinations and my left leg is healing enough to where I am able to take walks up to 10 minutes with my foster parents. Soon it will be 15 minutes and so on. I will be running down the block soon. The veterinarian said my other leg may need some attention also, but I have to wait until I heal up first. Everyone has been so good to me, I just hope it lasts forever. My foster mom and dad tell me I am very special and I return with kisses galore. Thank you for fostering me in my time of need. :o-) xoxox 9/30/13 I have finally be cleared by my vet for adoption :) My leg will continue to heal for the next year but I am ready to find my forever home. You can help me too. Please sponsor me for as little as $1 to help my angels take care of the current and future pugs in rescue here at Pug Rescue Network]]> Peanut http://pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/listing/peanut.html MjEtMjAxNC0wMS0wOSAxODoxMDo0OQ== Thu, 09 Jan 2014 18:10:49 -0500 Pug Rescue Network would like to welcome Peanut, PRN 340 she is an energetic 3yr old girl, that came into rescue with Faith. She has a lot of love to give and craved attention. She enjoys toys and bones or just hanging out with her human giving kisses! Peanut is working on her manners and re-enforcing where to go potty. She is crate trained and gets along with other dogs. Peanut will be microchipped and brought up to date on shots. If you can not adopt Peanut please consider sponsoring her for as little as $1. If you would like to adopt Peanut please visit http://www.pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/adoption-application.html for an adoption application.]]> Beanee http://pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/listing/beanee.html MjQtMjAxNC0wMS0wOSAxODoxMToxMg== Thu, 09 Jan 2014 18:11:12 -0500 Pug Rescue Network would like to welcome Beanee, PRN 344 to rescue. Beanee does not act his age of 9 years old. Beanee has alot of life to give. When you meet him and look in his eyes you can tell he is a good boy. Beanee will be seen by our vet on 11/11/2013 and given whatever the vet suggests. He will need to be brought up to date on vaccines and micro chipped at the least. Beanee is crate trained and loves a good couch nap. Do you have room on your couch? If you would like to adopt Beanee please submit an application at http://www.pugrescuenetwork.com/pugrescuenetwork/adoption-application.html if you cannot adopt Beanee please consider sponsoring him for as little as $1. ]]>